Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shades of oneself....

Shades of oneself…..

I recently asked my friends and family, “If I were a color, which color would I be, and why?”
I received a variety of answers, from Black to White.
It was interesting to hear the “why” answers, and it was also very flattering.
My basis for this article is, that no matter how one sees you, good, bad, Black or White, it is how you see and carry yourself that makes them see you that way, that color.
Try this little experiment. You may find that changes need to be made within yourself, or not. Some of the answers given to me were: White, because I am pure & as real as they come. Red, because I am spicy. Pink, because I am sexy. Yellow, because I am bright & unforgettable, Black, because I go with everything. There were many more answers.
My favorite responses were from my nieces, one of them chose the color Pink, and the other chose the color Blue, and they chose these colors because they are their favorite colors. Can’t get any sweeter than that. 

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