Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Find your power!

Develop Your Powers: The Power of Ch’i

Ch’i (pronounced ‘tchi’) and also written Chi or Qi, is a concept belonging to traditional Chinese spirituality. That hasn’t prevented it from becoming a principle that is largely accepted and practiced not only in modern China, but throughout the entire world. To summarize, Ch’i is a form of energy. For some it’s the same energy that circulates in the Universe, and is the basis of life on Earth. Ch’i energy possesses both therapeutic and spiritual properties that have been widely and effectively applied. 

Now let’s set things straight right from the start: the principle of Ch’i has been questioned and largely ignored by the scientific community. 

The concept of Ch’i is therefore of a purely spiritual nature, and is something I won’t try to persuade you exists. What I will do is expose you to a certain number of proven and accepted facts. Then it will be up to you to make up your own mind.

Is Ch’i The Supreme Energy?

It’s difficult to define Ch’i for the simple reason that it’s invisible, even though its effects have been felt by many people since the beginning of time, and especially after the concept originated in ancient China, many thousands of years ago. 

Ch’i, also called Ki in Japan and Prana in India, is seen as the vital energy found in all things and all beings, in all places. 

Ch’i circulates in the Universe. For some it may even have created the Universe. They think it is the origin of galaxies, planets, and, of course, all forms of life found on Earth, including animals, plants and humans!

Ch’i is the Creator of the Universe, and animates all manifestations of life, responsible for all birth and growth.

Thus Ch’i is our vital ‘‘fuel.’’ It is the breath that animates us. It tells us that we’re alive, and that we need to act each and every day.

It’s thanks to Ch’i that the Universe is in movement, galaxies exist, and planets revolve in a precise dance, each in harmony with all the other stars in the heavens. But to get back to our own solar system, Ch’i is the origin of the movements of the Earth and the other planets around the Sun. 

In terms of our own planet, Ch’i is responsible for the trajectory of the Moon as it revolves around the Earth, and the influence of the star of the night on oceans and humans.

The beneficial consequences of the existence of Ch’i in our lives can be multiplied to infinity, for the simple reason that Ch’i is present everywhere, and found in everything in this world, and in the Universe. 

Using Ch’i or Following the Middle Path

The principle of Ch’i has been the basis of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts since the dawn of time.

In Chinese medicine, all illnesses, whether they are physical or mental, are caused by an imbalance of this vital energy in human beings. What are called the ‘causes of disease’ by practitioners of western medicine do not explain why diseases happen for Chinese doctors, who consider them a result of a Ch’i imbalance.

In their view, to avoid triggering diseases, our body and mind need to be in harmony with the vital Universal energy of Ch’i.

To lead a balanced life, you need to be permanently connected to Ch’i by being disciplined, maintaining contact with Nature, and avoiding all excess, including negative emotional states and violent passions.

Actually, Ch’i philosophy advocates following the Middle Path, i.e. having a balanced lifestyle. The ideogram (Chinese character) for China means ‘Empire of the Middle Path,’ a name often used to refer to that country.

But leading a balanced life doesn’t meaning falling into the other extreme of being too serious, too rigid, or too disciplined either. 

In Ch’i philosophy, although there are important principles that need to be respected, each person is asked to adapt the philosophy to his or her own personality, culture, social standing, environment, geographical location, and so on. 

A European could follow the path of Ch’i in his/her own way, without trying to do it the Chinese way, which would be impossible, since the differences in mentality, culture and history between the two are so pronounced.

Ch’i philosophy is also a part of Asian martial arts (Chi Kung, Karate, Judo, Kung Fu…) where practitioners need to be connected to Ch’i and use it, not to attack someone, but to defend themselves, causing as little damage as possible to the adversary, unless the situation is life-threatening.

How To Connect To Ch’i?

To connect to Ch’i, start by thinking positive thoughts, saying positive things, and acting for the greater good of all.

Get in contact with Nature, and participate in activities that are in harmony with Nature. Engage in real communication with others (see the previous Section), and avoid being overly emotional or excessively passionate.

You could also practice one of the martial arts mentioned earlier, or any that suits you. Do some meditation, yoga, and calligraphy. Eat in a healthy, balanced way, and, above all, think for yourself!